Healthy Home
If used in conjunction with special window seals, moisture barriers, insulation and house ventilation systems,steel frames can been used to achieve allergen and dust free interiors. As steel maintains its original dimensions it ensures effective, long-term sealing.

Steel framing isn't just good for your home, it's also good for the environment. Steel framing is 100% recyclable and currently 60% of all steel used in Australia is made from recycled steel. To put steel framing introspective, an average house frame can be fabricated by recycling around 6 cars, whereas up to 50 trees have to be felled for a timber-framed home. Steel recycling programs reduce the solid waste stream, reducing landfill space and conserving natural resources. Steel framing does not contribute to the loss of native habitat, does not require the use of pesticides and herbicides and will not contribute to the downstream effects when planting introduced species of trees on large tracts of land. Finally, as steel frames are fabricated to exacting specifications for each individual job, there is minimal waste.

Steel Frame Solutions frames are compatible with all other building products, including internal and external linings. As steel framing expands and contracts at rates similar to other building materials there is very little chance of cracking or other problems. For example, the linear expansion of plasterboard is far closer to that of steel than that of timber. Steel Frame Quality – More than Meets the Eye the frame of your house is hidden from view. Yet it determines the quality of your home in both the short and long term.

Snap Shot – The benefits
* No need for expensive chemical and mechanical barriers
* Durable, strong and lightweight
* Cost less.
* Faster to built
* Environmentally considerate
* 100% recyclable
* Non-combustible, will not contribute to the spread of fire
* Engineered for life

The advantage
The increase in the use of steel framing for domestic housing construction is far from surprising. The benefits of building with steel have long been recognized in commercial construction by architects, engineers and builders alike. The consistent quality and precision and incredible strength to weight ratio make high tensile steel the ideal building material. As production techniques have been further refined and new technologies emerge it is only natural that steel framing is establishing itself as the preferred framing product in the domestic market. It is at the design stage that new home buyers need to make vital decisions about which framing material to use. Health, safety, cost and of course appearance all need to be considered. Whilst many aspects of the home such as fittings and fixtures can be changed during construction, the home's "skeleton" is a once only decision. Steel Frame Solutions' extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacture and supply of steel frames ensures unsurpassed consistency, accuracy and quality. We are dedicated to using and developing leading edge technologies and will continue to invest in dedicated state of the art systems and processes to ensure we remain at the forefront of an industry segment that will undoubtedly overtake timber.These are just some of the reasons why Steel Frame Solutions is fast becoming the preferred choice for more and more astute customers.

Steel Frame Solutions uses the latest technology to ensure our products are of the absolute highest quality. The inherent of steel during the manufacturing process allows us to turn any architectural plan into a steel frame without the need to alter the design.

Performance Criteria
Every Steel Frame Solutions frame is structurally certification is based on the requirements set out by the relevant Standards, National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH) Standards and the building Code of Cyprus.

Steel possess the highest strength to weight ratio of any current residential building material, making steel frames very lightweight but incredibly strong.Made of high tensile steel they are engineered to achieve a very high efficiency of material use.